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This blog intends to promote the 3 pillars of our holistic vision :

1° - THE NEW HANSEATIC SPIRIT : to help to promote the revival of the Hanseatic spirit, already in very good hands with people as for the main approach and by people as for the Navy Spirit approach. In Holland is the Hanseatic concept already since a long time a reality :

2° - THE RHINELAND SOCIAL & ECONOMIC MODEL : the promotion of the way of "The Middle of the Road" of the Social and Economic vision of "The Rhineland Model" very well described in the book "Capitalism against Capitalism" written in 1991 in french by Michel ALBERT and translated ao in German, Russian and Dutch. Discover a short explanation on Wikipedia : Here ! Voor de Nederlandstalige, adviseren wij de vereniging :

3° - THE FOLKISH TRADITIONS : The keystone of our vision : to structurate a form of North-Enrooted Neo-Protestantism based on North-European values and traditions. As guideline of our Way of Life, "The Book of Gotland", written by Andreï NATOW, will be published soon. More info on demand.

For a social, cultural, economic and spiritual New Hanseatic Ethic, rooted in the local historical traditions of the continental Hanseatic area being defined by line  Brugge/Flanders - Bergen/Norway - Novgorod/Russia - Lübbeck/Germany. 

Friends : South-Europe - U.S.A.- Commonwealth & Israel. HANSE SEMINAR is member of the Gotland Alliance. Go to it : Click ! If we would be involved in Politics at the European level, we would probably join the European Free Alliance that is promoting an Europe of Peoples & Nations. Find them on the web : Here !  Special Guest (for us very significative): FREIHEIT fur SUDTIROL : Friend but free from Rome ! Go to

Foe : All Supremacisms, starting - for us - by the one being "next door" : The Islamic Supremacism ! Remember the bombs of Madrid and London. Murders commited by "Integrated Muslims", as for the Fort Hood's U.S. Major from Palestinian origin, remain a permanent potential danger above us.

About "Charities" : We give our full moral support to :
- Struggle against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation : Excision
- Struggle against all Ritual Slaughtering of any animal
- Promotion & pro-active Familial Planning for too poor people
- The most severe punishment for "Misplaced Honor" Killings
- The free, civilized, modern & democratic State of Israël
- The economic & social Revival of the Köningsgrad Area
- North-North Solidarity with NORDAL North Drink & Alimentation
and last but not least 
- Allow temporary Bigamy as long Birth Rate remains below 2,1

Do not just "think" any more, become pro-active with us !

Best Regards from Hanseatic Flanders.

Brandy-Hans van PARIJS / Brussels - Belgium - Nordeuropa. 

Contact by e-mail : 

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Or to the "von Bremen" Flag e-shop : Here !

Translation in Dutch will follow very soon.

P.S. Une traduction en Français de cette page peut vous être envoyée sur simple demande. Il vous est aussi possible de visionner une video en Français sur Dailymotion : ENIGMA, la Grille de Brandy-Hans

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